Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Imogen's Inn, Kathikas... with your dog

In the courtyard at Imogen's Inn      
Photo: http://www.gmbds.com/imogensa.htm
As well as keeping you posted on any new adventures that we have, I'm trying to fill in some gaps retrospectively (the many lovely places we visited before I made the decision to write this blog).

So, we spent a long weekend in the village of Pano Arkourdalia back in late April (see Places to stay > Chloe's House). Realising that there were no shops in the village, and so nothing to eat, we got a bit frantic. Food is kind of a big feature in this family, at least for Sage and I it is.

Even though we had stocked up in the nearest supermarket on olives, cheese, bread, a nasty cheap box of wine (yes - box!), we were still feeling like we were missing something. Looking up in our guide book I found out that the nearby village of Kathikas is famous for wine producing. This seemed the perfect excuse to forget about our lowly picnic, and go up to Kathikas for dinner and some local wine.

For wineries in the area see K and K Vasilikon Winery:  http://www.snooth.com/winery/k-and-k-vasilikon-winery-kathikas-ltd-kathikas/ and Sterna Winery: http://www.gmbds.com/sternam.htm

We arrived, as usual, one of us standing back with Sage, looking awkward and hungry, and trying to make her seem smaller and 'sweeter' than she is. Ok, to me she is desperately sweet, but first impressions, you know? The staff there were incredibly friendly, petting her, getting us some water without us even asking, a smile or a pat every time they went by. It's always such a relief when we get that kind of response.

Interior of Imogen's Inn
The food was great, and reasonably priced. I don't remember exactly, but we paid around 15E per person, for mixed meze and a bottle of local wine. They are particularly recommended for a good range of vegetarian dishes.The taverna inside looked lovely, and outside in the courtyard was really atmospheric. This is the link to the taverna:  http://www.gmbds.com/imogensa.htm   You can find their menu online.

It was all very romantic... even when the electricity was cut and we were pitched into darkness. But then, with a great crash, the taverna opposite started up a very old, very noisy generator, right outside Imogen's courtyard. The staff at Imogen's tried to reason with them, as they continued their own cooking by candlelight with gas, but they paid no notice. After that it was pretty hard to hear each other over the death rattle of the generator, and it kind of killed the mood.

I really liked this taverna, even with the power problems. And Sage appreciated the attention, and the few bits of sausage that fell into her lap.

For the location of Kathikas, see link below

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