Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Drinking in Larnaca... with your dog

My list of dog-friendly (and dog-unfriendly) bars in the Larnaca area is more advanced than my lists for the other areas of Cyprus because we live in Larnaca and, well, we like a drink. There's nothing better than combining an evening dog walk with a cool beer in a square or by the beach somewhere. So I'm going to give a list of the places that have welcomed us, those that have tolerated us, and those that have turned us away (sniff). I'm going to edit this post, and add to it as we discover more places.

It should be said before we start, a lot of this comes down to the people working at the time, usually whether they like dogs themselves, rather than a stated policy of the bar. It's probably a good idea to always check first that it's ok.

Name: Stoa cafe bar   
Address: Opposite the church of Saint Lazarus (Michalaki Paridi Street)
Comment: We went there twice in the Spring. Both times Sage and I had been at the beach with my nephews, sister, brother in law. We were covered in sand and mud, and still they happily agreed to let us sit inside. Food was simple, but good and cheap. There are several tables outside for sitting enjoying the view of the late 9th century church, watching the people go by

Name: Stone Age Pub
Address: Laiki Geitonia (few metres up from Finikoudes Beach in a side street)
Comment: We went there fairly early on a Thursday evening, in May. The barman told us he had a dog that he often brought in to work with him, so he had a little plastic bowl of water ready for Sage when he brought out the beers.  I imagine if it was late on a Friday or Saturday, especially in full summer, this might have been a chaotic nightmare to have Sage with me, but mid week and not too late, it's a nice dog-freindly bar. The music is rock (Greek and American mostly), but they advertise reggae nights and live music

Name: Aquarium Cafe-Bar
Address: Larnaca Marina
Comment: Very welcoming and friendly. Owners helped us to arranged tables to sit out on the marina, and said we could sit inside (on the top deck) if we wanted. Great decor, lovely atmosphere. Animal loving owners (regularly feed local stray cats on the marina)

Name: Da Vinci Cafe bar
Address: St Lazarus Square
Comment: I think this depends on the bar/serving staff, but we were not made to feel welcome at all. As nothing was said about Sage being with us, we sat outside and had her tucked under a chair to one side,  this cafe has been rated 'dog-tolerant', although I must add that I don't recommend it apart from for location

Name: Savino Rock Bar
Address: 9 Watkins Street
Comment: Nothing to say. We were tolerated. It was fine

Name: Pelagos Mediterranean Bar & Grill
Address: Larnaca - Dhekelia Road (opposite Police Oroklinis)
Email:   Tel: 00 357 24647721
Comment: This place is a bit 'posher' than the kind of bars and restaurants we normally go to. They have a large indoor section, and an outdoor terrace right next to the sea. Prices were a little high, about 20 Euro for a main dish. We just sat and had a glass of wine by the sea. The waitress was lovely, even though she was clearly not a dog-lover, she made us feel welcome

Name: Finis Beach Bar
Address: Finikoudes Beach
Comment: We often popped in for a drink after an evening wander around Finikoudes during the winter and early spring. We would sit huddled in jumpers and coats against the cold wind from the sea, and never asked to sit inside. Still, we never had any problems from owner or staff. Since the beach bar is very crowded during the summer, and dogs are strictly not allowed on the beach, this is absolutely a no-go until October/November. Prices here are among the most expensive in Cyprus too (4E for local draft beer)

Pretty much all of the bars and cafes along the promenade at Finikoudes are out of the question with a dog, at least during the summer. I stopped at one for a take out coffee in the winter and the waitress nearly had a heart-attack, even though I held Sage on a lead outside of the cafe. In the summer there are just way too many people along this stretch. Perhaps with a small lap-dog this would be ok, but with anything bigger I would strongly advise against even trying


  1. Thanks for writing this article! These place are one of the best on the island and not only for spending time there with a dog ;) The beautiful city of Larnaca has an added benefit of being closely located to the stunning coastline, thus all those small restaurants and taverns located near the coastline are amazing!

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