Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hike (or drive) to Milomeris Waterfalls, Troodos... with your dog

At Milomeris Waterfalls, Troodos
Another nice walk that we have done with Sage in the Troodos Mountains is the linear route that leads to the Milomeris Waterfalls. Driving a short distance from the village of Pano Platres, in the direction of Troodos, there is a small sign post directing you into the bushes at the side of the road... You can leave your car directly opposite in a small parking area, free of charge.

The Cyprus Tourism Website (CTO) rates this walk as a difficulty level 3 (out of 3). I don't think I agree at all. The first part of the trail is a bit steep, and I remember it was a bit slippery. But, with decent shoes, and some care, I think this is quite a manageable walk. It's also fairly short (CTO says 1.2 km). 
It's a well-maintained woodland path, with steps to help you over the more difficult areas, sign posts, bridges etc. 

We did this walk in late May, and we only saw another two or three groups of people in the woodland area leading to the waterfalls. One of these groups did complain about Sage being off her lead, but, of course, this can happen anywhere. It did make me a bit wary and uncomfortable though. It's pretty hard to keep an excited, 30 kg dog on a lead when walking down steep hills and crossing rivers....

This is one of Sage's favourite things though. To be in a woody, shady place, climbing over rocks and tree stumps, running through the river, chasing after whatever insects or lizards she finds, or failing that sticks that we throw, running ahead and charging back nearly knocking us down.... this is the best kind of hiking in Sage's opinion.

At the end of the trail, which only takes about 30 minutes, you reach a road and parking area and a lot more people. This is the other way to visit the Milomeris Waterfalls - by road that starts from the Platres-Lemesos road, about 1km from Psilo Dendro.

We were lucky. When we arrived at the falls, there weren't too many people there, and we managed to pass through a find a space near the water where we were not bothering anybody. We had to keep Sage on her leash though.

I tried out the water, it was pretty cold.

After a few minutes watching the falls, and daring myself to go closer to the water, a huge tour group arrived. We timed it badly, and were trying to leave as more than 5o people filed by, looking annoyed and/or scared at having to walk by Sage. There is not much space there by the falls, and the last section of the path is a bit difficult and you have to scramble a bit.

We finally escaped, after the entire group had gone by, and saw another couple with a large dog, heading for the waterfalls. I don't know if they managed to squeeze in, or decided to wait for a quieter moment.

I imagine that the Milomeris Waterfalls might be a bit too busy during high summer to visit with your dog. The walk to and from the falls is fine, as most people approach by road, but if you are not going to get to the water, I think there are nicer hikes in this area (such as the Artemis Trail or the Caledonian Trail). Milomeris is probably best seen in the Spring, when there is a high volume of water, and not too many people...

On our way back from the Falls we stopped off for lunch at the nearby Neromilos Restaurant at Pera Pedi:

See CTO information on this hike:!ut/p/c5/pc9ND4IwDAbgX2TWdoNsx40wviKgKKIXw8EYEkEPxt_viBfFqAfb45M37ct2zO3Q3rpje-3OQ3tiDdv5-9BqXSWCIPIXAZAqV7XMMywEOt8-O9rRM-URIYJzl1aF0YGNCYp6riGpjA3zqMLCo2kaOACFFMQiXkJW0V-3-Y_0Zuzq7-HDaHj4t26v_v79i0tMpfPMS1MShHLqQAsFhEBpnXOSxp_63JDLl0aJcAUK-Y__OMvjc39gl369bqBLumSm74EMJhc!/dl3/d3/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS9ZQnZ3LzZfRUZBQVNJNDIwMDJROTAyMTAySlZOMzJJSDM!/?WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=/English__en/CTO+B2C/Tourist+Information/Routes/Nature+Routes/Katarraktis_Myllomeris_Watterfalls_Trail_Linear

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