Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Eat at Neromilos Restaurant, Pera Pedi... with your dog

At Neromilos Restaurant, Pera Pedi
 After a long morning hiking in the Troodos mountains, we were driving hungrily back to our base in Vouni, when we came to the village of Pera Pedi. We left the car in the village car park, and saw a choice of two tavernas - one a fairly traditional looking Cypriot taverna, and the other a Czech Restaurant called Neromilos.

At first we thought the Czech place was closed as we couldn't find the entrance. It turned out they had built up a barricade of chairs so that their own dogs could enjoy a bit of a run around while the restaurant was empty.

The owner was very friendly to Sage. She spent a long time petting her and playing with her. She was clearly a dog lover. I think she said she had at least 2 dogs of her own, although we didn't see them.

It seemed that the customers knew the owner and the place well, and it was generally a popular place. I liked that several groups were spending the afternoon drinking tea from elaborate matching tea sets - not something I am used to seeing in Cyprus!

The food was good, although I wish I had been more adventurous now. We ordered lamb ribs and souvlaki, both of which were tasty, but the portions were quite small for the prices (from 10 Euros for a main dish). They were served with mashed potato, which was also a new experience for me in Cyprus. I liked the strange mix of cultures, but I think I would have preferred to try a traditional Czech dish. The menu said they cook goulash on particular days (Fridays, I think), and there were some dishes you could order in advance.

The decor of the place was as mixed and surprising as the food. It was lovely to sit in the shade of the trees, listening to running water, at lovely dark wood tables.  I wasn't so keen on the stuffed animal heads and skulls decorating the bar in the back room - on the way to the toilets.

This was an easy, welcoming, cool and shady place to bring our dog after a long morning around the Troodos mountains.

I found this description on Cyprus Village Link (http://www.cyprusvillagelink.com/HomeEnglish.asp):

Neromilos Taverna: Pera Pedi, watermill and nightingales (in season). Eastern European menu a speciality. Open every day exc.Monday. Chrysis & Gabriella, tel: 25470536

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  1. Was there with my wife today, waited 20 minutes, never got menu or any other kind of attention, then we left. Avoid in wide circle.