Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Dinner at Sea Crest Restaurant, Latchi...with your dog

10/10 for Sage's "Poor me, I'm so hungry" face
While on our 'Spring break' in Latchi this year, we tried out a couple of the local tavernas and restaurants, with the usual criteria: 1) how's the food, and  2) can I bring my dog along?

As it was early in the year, mid April, not all the places were open, and some had only a very limited menu. The Sea Crest Restaurant, by the small harbour area, was one of the few places still open during the evening. As we approached I felt the owner and staff nervously eyeing up our big dog.

Outdoors seating area at Sea Crest Restaurant
Once we said we were happy to sit outside they were extremely friendly and helpful, although I did gather that dogs would definitely not be welcome inside the restaurant (fair enough).

It was a  bit cold, and we had to keep our coats on while eating - but there are very few months in Cyprus where it's too cold to sit outside of an evening. I also really enjoyed sitting by the water and looking at the boats; to me it only feels like a holiday if you can sit out by the sea and eat fish.

View of small harbour from the Sea Crest Restaurant

We had octopus and small fried (whitebait-type) fish, salad, wine, and paid around 15€ per person, which seems a fairly typical price for the more touristy areas of Cyprus.

The owner turned out to be very friendly, and quite an animal-lover himself. He gave Sage quite a lot of attention, and brought out a plate of bones for her (so absolutely no reason for the "I'm so hungry" face in the first picture!

Here is their FB page: where you can see some customer reviews, menus and events

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