Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wait at Paphos Airport Beach... with your dog

Dirt road down to beach from car park
Sage found this one, while waiting for my flight to arrive from Crete. It's a very useful spot for waiting for loved ones with your dog, or waiting for your dog's flight.

Just seconds before the final roundabout for Paphos International Airport, take the small turn on your left hand side where you see a few cars parked a bit haphazardly. It seems like some people use this as long-term parking...
Car park area
This is a great place to leave your car for that half an hour you have to kill before one person leaves - especially if you have a dog. It's free, there is some shade from trees around the edges, and from here you can walk down a short unmade road to a pebbly beach and the sea.

Airport seen from the beach
The beach is a lovely surprise. It's pebbly, and right next door to the airport, so I don't suppose it's ever going to be one of Cyprus' top 10 beach spots, but it's long, with beautiful turquoise blue water, and nobody around. That suits us just fine, when the aim is to have a run around before or after a long car journey, and to find a discreet place for a pee.

You can even watch the planes come in, to make sure you don't miss any arrivals. I definitely don't recommend this as a day out in Cyprus with your dog - but as a convenient stop before or after a flight or long car journey, it's a great find!
Paphos Airport Beach

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