Monday, 16 December 2013

Dog of the month - Lady

Lady, at home
This is Lady.
Lady is a very pretty 3 year old dog who lives in my neighbourhood. She is a Kokoni - a small domestic breed known in Greece since antiquity (images of this breed of dog can be found on ancient pottery, friezes etc).

Lady was given to my neighbour a year or so ago and they have become inseparable.

Despite her small size, she is a tough, fearless little dog. She shares her home with 2 large dogs, and still seems to call the shots! She also plays chasing my (much bigger) dog around the field in our neighbourhood.
Most days, Lady goes for walks around the neighbourhood in central Larnaca. There are several patches of grassy wasteland where she has a run around off leash. Other, longer walks in Larnaca include the promenade at Palm Beach (Finikoudes) and the picnic area by the Salt Lake (Aliki) near the mosque of Hala Sultan Teke.

They also go to another area around the Salt Lake - Patticheio - which is closer to the town centre (see map). Here you can follow pathways through the woods and park land, down to the lake. Quite a few dog walkers can be found in this area at evenings and weekends. In the winter months look out for migratory flamingos on the lake.

For days out further afield, Lady and my neighbours sometimes visit the villages surrounding Larnaca, such as Mazotos. They collect the wild greens (χόρτα) that grow in the fields there, while Lady gets to run around and explore new areas. So, everyone gets to spend their day out doing things they like!

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