Sunday, 17 November 2013

Dog of the month - Murphy

Murphy, grocery shopping in Larnaca
My aim with the new 'Dog of the Month' posts is to speak to as many people as possible, from as many areas of Cyprus as possible, and find out where they go with their dogs.

I'm interested in the small (often unofficial) dog parks that can be found in many neighbourhoods, as well as interesting urban routes that people walk with their dogs. Hopefully, this will build up a good map of urban areas that you can escape to with your dog. This will start to show the areas that are: most convenient; most lively; most sheltered; most suitable for young pups; most suitable for big exercise hungry beasts etc.

I'm also finding out about longer trips that dogs have been on - whether that is a day trip out to the mountains, or a weeks holiday somewhere by the sea - and any tips or suggestions for travelling Cyprus with your dog.

Meet Murphy. This sweet dog was adopted from the Argos Sancturay in Ormidhia, about one year ago ( He is about 6 years old. It certainly sounds like he found himself a good home! I loved that Murphy's friends had even brought him to Larnaca for shopping, and were doing the familiar shifts - one person dashes into the shop while the other waits in the shade with the dog...

Murphy usually goes for walks around the village Oroklini in the Larnaca district, where he lives. As it is a fairly quiet village, there are lots of nice, easy walks around the neighbourhood. Other times, he goes for a play at Oroklini hills, behind the village. This is a great dog-walking spot - with a picnic area, a small church (Prophet Elijah), car park, view point etc. There are various footpaths through the fields and woods, with great views over the village and down to the sea. Lots of dogs of all sizes and breeds can be seen running about there (especially during the morning and early evening walk times). Oroklini Hills is included on the European hiking route - the E4.

He is also a well-travelled dog. As well as trips out to walk around the harbour area of Ayia Napa, and to the coastal area of Protaras, Murphy has also been up to the mountains to Vouni, to stay in the wonderful pet-friendly Vouni Lodge!

Happy travels Murphy - hope you get to explore some more great places this winter...

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